iView Kids Karaoke Singing Pad, 7' Kids Easy Carry Tablet, Microphone with Power Amplifier, Preloaded Karaoke Song and Learning Games, Parental.


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The Sing Pad comes with a microphone, headphone jack, and power amplifier stereo speakers. Pre-loaded with over 200 games and karaoke songs, and parents can download additional games from the Android Google Play store. Parental controls allow you to filter content by age and prevents unauthorized app purchases. Children are unable to access the internet. Perfect for ages 3-6. The Sing Pad comes with a built-in case, handle, and tablet stand. 7 inch with 1024 x 600 high resolution screen, Quad Core, Cortex A7, 1.33 GHz CPU. Comes with 1 GB RAM, 16 GB expandable storage, and 128 GB storage with microSD card. WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, Built-in 3,500 mAh / 3.5V battery.

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