Kenwood eXcelon XR600-6DSP OEM Integration Amplifier with 192/32bit DSP


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Kenwood eXcelon XR600-6DSP. OEM Integration Amplifier with 192/32bit DSP Highlights Factory Radio Integration Many new cars equipped with premium amplified systems are nearly impossible to replace and very difficult to upgrade the audio performance. The XR600-6DSP when combined with an iDatalink Maestro AR can use a true stereo signal from the existing OEM stereo and translate all the CAN-Bus communication of the original radio to the XR600-6DSP. Integrates with many Ford, Chrysler and Jeep premium systems with more cars to follow. Setup by Remote App Through Bluetooth Connection Use the KENWOOD DSP Control App (compatible with iPhone and Android) to setup the XR600-6DSP. The listening position, advanced equalization and filtering can be set during installation and the setting stored in memory. A simplified mode is available for day to day use. Sound Quality and System Building The 32-Bit 192kHz DSP gives the flexibility of independent tuning and equalization that is required with the variance of speakers and location challenges being used in a typical system. The channel flexibility allows any function or tuning on all 10 channels making it one of the most versatile solution based amplifiers on the market today. Easy Connection to Idatalink AR Module A vehicle specific harness will allow connection between the factory radio plug, the iDatalink AR Module and the XR600-6DSP making the installation efficient and simple. Excelon Performance & Quality eXcelon products incorporate the latest technologies and deliver the highest sonic performance. From advanced audio tuning capabilities, crossover and equalizer systems, high voltage preouts and two-year warranty, eXcelon represents the very best product available. Small Footprint Design Reference-Fit amplifiers are KENWOOD���s best sounding amps and have one of the smallest footprints in their class, making them the perfect solution for vehicle installation where space is at a premium. This compact size was made possible by the development of a high-density mount circuit board in conjunction with an enhanced air cooling and heat control systems. KENWOOD���s created a compact amplifier that enables installation in tight locations previously restricted to lower performance amps. This is ideal for users who do not wish to sacrifice space or prefer a stealth installation. Air Cooling By positioning the fan in close proximity to heat producing circuitry, heat is dissipated efficiently. This allows the amplifier to operate at comfortable temperature levels even under the most stressful conditions. Gold-Plated Line Output Terminals This type of connector is non-corrosive and will maintain conductivity for long periods of time. Battery/Ground Terminals These HEX-type terminals can accommodate up to AWG 4 - AWG 6 battery and ground wire thickness for better voltage maintenance from the vehicle's battery. The HEX type design allows for maximum tightening and contact onto the wire. Speaker Output Terminals These HEX-type terminals can accommodate up to AWG 8 - AWG 12 speaker wire thickness for better signal delivery to speakers. The HEX type design allows for maximum tightening and contact onto the wire. Feature List General Features Max Power : 1200W RMS Power :75W x 6 (4��) 100W x 6 (2��) (W)12-5/8" x (H)2" x (D)6-5/8" Built-in DSP Setting by Remote App 6ch Output 13Band Graphic Equalizer 3Band Parametric Equalizer Digital Time Alignment Digital X'over Specifications Power Output 6 channel Rated Power at 14.4V 75Watts RMS x [ch] (4 Ohms, 20-20kHz, ���1.00% THD) 100Watts RMS x [ch] (2 Ohms, 1kHz, ���1.00% THD) 200Watts RMS x [ch/2] (Bridged 4 Ohms, 1kHz, ���1.00% THD) * Bridged connection available CH1 & CH2, CH3 & CH4, CH5 & CH6 Specifications Signal to Noise Ratio 95dB (Reference: Rated Power into 4Ohms at 14.4V) Frequency Response 20Hz-50kHz (+0dB, -3dB) Input Impedance 10k ohm Speaker Impedance Bridged connection 4�� to 8�� allowable Audio Section Input Sensitivity 2.0[V] - 4.0[V] Terminals Battery & Ground capable for 4 guage Speaker Output capable for 8 guage Line In 18P Connector DSP Ajasted Line OUT RCA (Gold colored) I/F ADS I/F (4P) Connector Input / Output Signal Interface Input Channel 1 for Audio Signal Channel 2 for Audio Signal Channel 3 for Audio Signal Channel 4 for Audio Signal Channel 5 for Information Signal Channel 6 for Information Signal Output Channel 1 for Speaker L channel Channel 2 for Speaker R channel Channel 3 for Speaker L channel Channel 4 for Speaker R channel Channel 5 for Speaker L channel Channel 6 for Speaker R channel Channel 7 for RCA L channnel Channel 8 for RCA R channnel Channel 9 for RCA L channnel Channel 10 for RCA R channnel General Dimensions(WxHxD) 320 [mm] x 51 [mm] x 169 [mm] 12-5/8 inch x 2 inch x 6-5/8 inch Operating Voltage 14.4V���11-16V allowable��� Current Consumption 60 [A] Key Features CTA-2006 Compliant Class D 2 Ohms Load Capability Terminal Cover Cooling Fan Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply Extruded

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