Laney Ironheart Pulse Tube Pre Amp & Digital Recording Interface


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<div></div>The Laney IRT-PULSE is a guitar player's dreama high-voltage 12AX7/ECC83 all-tube pre-amp, T-USB technology, line I/O, headphone out, speaker emulation and more.<br /><br>Forged deep in the Black Country, the Ironheart series continues the legacy begun decades before with amps, such as the Laney KLIPP and AOR.&nbsp;Packed full of features, amazing tone and a thoroughly modern and aggressive look, the Ironheart models are extremely versatile modern amplifiers<br><br><strong>INNOVATIVE BRITISH DESIGN &amp; ENGINEERING<br></strong>The IRT-PULSE is a unique product designed and engineered in the U.K. to give guitar players the most versatile all tube pre-amp in the business.<br><br><strong>T-USB<br></strong>IRT-PULSE is an all-tube multi functional USB guitar interface, pre-amp, practice tool and fly rig.<br><br><strong>DIRECT INTO YOUR DAW<br></strong>Plug into the IRT-PULSE and instantly have your tube tone wherever you want it in your DAW*. The IRT-PULSE enables cable-less re-amping at the push of a button saving valuable time in the studio nailing your guitar tone.<br><br><strong>CABINET EMULATION<br></strong>With on-board cabinet emulation and a headphone facility the IRT-PULSE is a totally silent all tube practice rig. With comprehensive EQ and on board cabinet emulation the IRT-PULSE is the ultimate compact rig.<br><br><strong>PEDAL BOARD PRE-AMP<br></strong>Use the IRT-PULSE as a pre-amp in your pedal board set-up with its footswitching capability** for a great all-tube pre-amp and boost.<br><br><strong>PLUG IN AND PRACTICE<br></strong>Simply plug in your headphones and backing tracks into the IRT-PULSE for silent practice.<br><br><strong>ULTIMATE FLY RIG<br></strong>Simply rock up, plug into the PA and you are ready, nothing could be simpler or sound better than an IRT-PULSEtry it with an IRT-X for the ultimate small, high-powered rig!<br><br><strong>GIG RESCUE<br></strong>If your amp lets you down mid-gig, simply plug your IRT-X directly into<ul><li>Inputs: 1/4-in. input for guitar</li><li>Channel Controls: Gain, volume</li><li>Equalization: Bright, Dark and EQ pre-shape options</li><li>Headphone output with volume control</li><li>Aux. in: Mini Jack for external sound source</li><li>Bright switch</li><li>USB connectivity - USB2.0 I/O interface</li><li>RE-AMP: Enabled cable-less reamping. Dry and Amped signal supplied via USB i/O</li><li>Velvet carry bag supplied</li><li>Cabinet emulation: Switchable on board cabinet emulation</li><li>Weight: 1.87 lbs.</li></ul>

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